Mr Dominic Slade MBChB, FRCS | Manchester, UK

  • Consultant Colorectal & Intestinal Failure Surgeon - Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Dominic Slade is a Consultant Colorectal and Intestinal Failure Surgeon at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK.

He graduated from Birmingham University in 1992, and undertook his surgical training in Manchester and the North West. He was appointed to his present post in 2006, where he works as a general, colorectal and intestinal failure surgeon with interests in laparoscopy, inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer and emergency general surgery.

Salford is one of only two nationally funded centres for the management and treatment of intestinal failure in the UK, and is unique throughout Europe in the volume and complexity of cases it deals with.  With his four surgical colleagues he offers reconstructive surgery for intestinal failure resulting especially from surgical misadventure. Along the way he has developed a particular interest in the reconstruction of massive abdominal defects and complex incisional hernias resulting from the management of the septic abdomen. With his colleagues he has developed the abdominal wall reconstruction (AWR) service at Salford and introduced posterior component separation (TAR). This has also involved the appointment of a senior fellow in AWR for whom he is a trainer. With his colleagues he has published on the management of enterocutaneous fistulas and AWR, the use of tensor fascia lata (TFL) thigh flaps for massive abdominal wall defects, and presented nationally on patient selection, preoperative work up, management of the open abdomen and component separation.

Dominic is an enthusiastic trainer and is involved in regular teaching of complex abdominal wall reconstruction and the management of the septic abdomen nationally and in Europe.  

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