• Thursday 24 October, 2019
  • 10:00-17:30
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart


Session One: IBD 

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10:15 Welcome – Dr Elizabeth Murphy & Dr Emilio Mignanelli
10:30 Recent developments in IBD imaging
10:45 Dysplasia and cancer in IBD: Implications for the surgeon
11:00 Treatment for strictures in Crohn’s disease: Resection versus strictureplasty versus dilation 
11:15 Intestinal failure and what to do about it
11:30 Multidisciplinary treatment for perianal Crohn’s disease
11:45 Discussion
12:00 ESR HUGHES MEMORIAL LECTURE: Early surgery for Crohn’s disease versus biologics

12:30-13:00 LUNCH

Session Two: Emergency Colorectal Surgery

13:30 Toxic megacolon 
13:45 Pseudo-obstruction
14:00 UK SBO Audit
14:15 Diverticulitis: Laparoscopy washout versus Hartmann’s versus resection and primary anastomosis 
14:45 Is there a role for nonoperative management of acute appendicitis? 
15:00 Discussion

15:15-15:45 AFTERNOON TEA

Session Four: Colonic Microbiome in Health and Disease

15:45 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Microbiome in IBD and cancer 
16:15 Faecal transplant for C.diff and other complications
16:30 Impact of bowel preparation on gut microbiome 
16:45 Microbiome and IBD
17:00 Reducing SSI in Colorectal Surgery
17:15 Discussion

17:30 DAY 1 CLOSE

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