Colorectal Surgery

*Please note, the Trainees’ Day is taking place on the same day as CSSANZ Program Day 1 – Thursday 24 October.  If you are attending the Trainees’ Day and all three remaining program days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, please register for Trainees’ Day + 3-Day Registration

If you register for the Trainees’ Day + 4-day registration (THU, FRI, SAT & SUN) you are welcome to spend time in each program on the Thursday, but please be aware that if you are a Trainee, full attendance at the Trainees’ Day is required to meet the SET Regulation Training Requirement.

  • Thursday 24 October, 2019
  • 08:30-17:00 
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart


Session One: Rectal Cancer

08:30 Welcome – Dr Nishanthi Gurusinghe – Scientific Convenor
08:40 Rectal anatomy and TME – All you ever need to know – Mr Hung Nguyen
09:00 MRI for rectal cancer: A guide to the shades of gray – Dr Kristen Gormely
09:15 Radiation treatment and chemotherapy for rectal cancer: Who, what and for how long? – Dr Mark Bell
09:30 TAMIS: What is it? Who gets it? – Ms Sze Lin Peng
09:50 Discussion & Q+A 

10:00-10:30 MORNING TEA 

Session Two: Anal Issues

10:30 Radiation treatment and chemotherapy for anal cancer – Dr Mark Bell
10:50 AIN – Prof Richard Turner
11:10 MRI for anal fistula: Reading the road map – Dr Kristen Gormley
11:30 Management of Fistula In Ano for 2019 – Mr David Lloyd
11:50 Discussion & Q+A 

12:10-13:00 LUNCH

Session Three: Miscellaneous

13:00 Colorectal cancer genetics made easy (!) – Ms Michelle Thomas
13:20 The malignant polyp – Ms Sze Lin Peng
13:40 Colorectal trials to know – Assoc Prof Tarik Sammour
14:00 Patients having pelvic surgery: Implications for fertility – Dr Bill Watkins
14:20 Discussion & Q+A 

14:40-15:10 AFTERNOON TEA

Session Four: Pelvic Floor

15:10 An overview of pelvic floor disorders – Ms Michelle Thomas
15:30 How to take a history and perform an examination for pelvic floor disorders – Dr Andrea Warwick
15:50 Investigations for pelvic floor disorders – Mr Suraj Rajaratnam
16:10 Endoanal ultrasound – Dr Arend Merrie
16:30 Discussion & Q+A


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